January 2, 2012

this photo taken on a full moon night,  of Kailash , south face, with the face of Lord Siva clearly visible on the left half of the sacred mountain , the right half representing Uma, underlying the Ardhanareeswara thathva. You will also find steps like rocks in the centre, but each step will be atleast about 500 feet in between. This is one of the closest view you can get the full south face of the mountain including the base portion of the mountain, which is described as Athma Lingam, right underneath the centre portion under the so called huge steps. Saptharishi caves are also there. You can see more stars in the sky than what you see from Chennai and that too more clear and bright. That gives you a feeling that you are not in the earth and gives you a totally different feeling , elevating you spiritually.i thank mr lakshmi narayanan ( 988412 26417 ) for sharing this photo with me. 


you can also visit his blog http://sites.google.com/site/templedeepam  for more info on his  and his teams laudable efforts in recovering and renovating ancient lord  siva temples around india. his mail id is slakshmi1954@gmail.com .


mobile :0 944 500 1500


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