100 things you’ll never regret doing..

May 1, 2010

  1. Eat a healthy meal.
  2. Keep a secret.
  3. Send a thank-you note.
  4. Give away half of your clothes.
  5. Hike a new trail.
  6. Offer an apology.
  7. Recycle.
  8. Refrain from gossip.
  9. Write a poem.
  10. Refuse to do a thing which is wrong.
  11. Pick strawberries.
  12. Overcome an addiction.
  13. Ride bike with a 7-year old.
  14. Kiss your spouse.
  15. Give a nice wedding gift.
  16. Bring fresh flowers into your home.
  17. Exercise.
  18. Read To Kill a Mockingbird.
  19. Subscribe to Zen Habits.
  20. Call an old friend.
  21. Forgive a past hurt.
  22. Take a day off.
  23. Visit the beach.
  24. Cultivate spirituality.
  25. Say “thank-you.”
  26. Take a picture.
  27. Find a job you love.
  28. Retell a funny joke.
  29. Develop more patience.
  30. Hand write a letter.
  31. Order dessert on a date.
  32. Say “I love you.”
  33. Take the stairs.
  34. Have a tea party with your daughter.
  35. Tip generously.
  36. Ask a grandparent about their childhood.
  37. Stop a scandal.
  38. Take a hot bath.
  39. Drink a glass of water.
  40. Become an early-riser.
  41. Wave to a child.
  42. Say a prayer.
  43. Learn your mail carrier’s name.
  44. Smile.
  45. Find your passion.
  46. Get a routine check-up.
  47. Donate to charity.
  48. Encourage a teenager.
  49. Be optimistic.
  50. Learn to cook.
  51. Turn off the television.
  52. Add ribbon to a present.
  53. Pay for someone’s drink.
  54. Remove unnecessary possessions.
  55. Visit an art museum.
  56. Laugh at yourself.
  57. Learn a second language.
  58. Stay faithful to your partner.
  59. Buy local produce.
  60. Withhold a lie.
  61. Meditate.
  62. Break up a fight.
  63. Meet your neighbors.
  64. Rock a baby to sleep.
  65. Practice yoga.
  66. Know your child’s friends.
  67. Log off the internet.
  68. Get out of debt.
  69. Save money.
  70. Hear both sides of an argument.
  71. Get your next book from the library.
  72. Show kindness to the elderly.
  73. Identify your values.
  74. Eat outside.
  75. Be more grateful.
  76. Appreciate classical music.
  77. Don’t send e-mails in anger.
  78. Dry your clothes on a clothesline.
  79. Compliment a stranger.
  80. Increase your self-confidence.
  81. Buy lemonade from a child’s stand.
  82. Bring your lunch to work.
  83. Clean the kitchen.
  84. Give up soda.
  85. Get trained in CPR.
  86. Declutter a drawer.
  87. Eat like the locals.
  88. Listen.
  89. Do your homework.
  90. Help a boy or girl find themselves.
  91. Have breakfast.
  92. Look people in the eye when you speak.
  93. Look people in the eye when they speak.
  94. Make a new friend.
  95. Build a sand castle.
  96. Share a recipe.
  97. Provide clean drinking water.
  98. Worry less.
  99. Read to a small child.
  100. Become a minimalist.
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