choice of words can make or break anything

January 12, 2010

The words and phrases you use when you communicate with prospects will have a great bearing on how you appear to customers as well as the outcome of your sales. Most of us have formed a habit of the way we talk and have never really noticed how our word choices sound to other people. You can actually stress out your customer enough through your words to cause them to not follow through with a sale.

I once had an extremely large vocabulary and freely incorporated all of those words into my presentations. One day my sales manager took me aside and said, " Have you ever listened to what you sound like to people? Try just talking in simple, plain English without all the 'fancy-shmancy' words and you'll close more sales. People don't really care how smart you are, they only care if you can help them make a smart decision about what they want to buy." You know, he was right and it was one of the best pieces of advice I have ever received.

Since that time I have learned that our words have such a powerful impact on people. It is so easy to say something the wrong way or in a negative fashion. This can actually raise the stress level of the person you are saying it too. Choose your words carefully.

I have put together a short list of words and phrases that you may already be using. I have re-phrased them to either sound simpler, more positive or less harsh to the ear.

I encourage you to start using them in your presentations right away. Get in the habit of using them and your communication with your prospects will be so much more effective and most likely you'll notice an increase in your sales because of it.

  • Instead of cheaper say less expensive
  • Instead of worthless say less value
  • Instead of let me tell you say based on my experiences
  • Instead of beginner's guide say basic steps
  • Instead of less dangerous say safer
  • Instead of it's in great condition say it's been well cared for
  • Instead of the latest thing say breakthrough idea
  • Instead of contract say agreement
  • Instead of mixed colors say blended colors
  • Instead of I can't tell you say those are guarded secrets
  • Instead of small piece say bite sized
  • Instead of loud fashion say it's a bold look
  • Instead of have lots of say have dozens of or hundreds of
  • Instead of fix say fine tune
  • Instead of I think say I'm a firm believer in
  • Instead of knows all about it say had first hand experience
  • Instead of best say first class
  • Instead of painless say pain-free
  • Instead of original say first of its kind
  • Instead of your offer is too low say this is a bold offer
  • Instead of make some time say free up my schedule
  • Instead of broke say frugal times
  • Instead of to the floor say it's full length
  • Instead of rug mats say carpet mats
  • Instead of not difficult say it's easy
  • Instead of won't work right say function less
  • Instead of fully covered say fully insured
  • Instead of listen to me say take my advice
  • Instead of I'm sorry say I apologize
  • Instead of what we sell say what we offer
  • Instead of can I get your signature say can I get your o.k.
  • Instead of down payment say initial investment

I think you are getting the idea. Starting today, pay attention to how you say things and write them down. Add them to this list and then polish them up a little as I have done. This will be the quickest way for you to see how effective this can be in helping you increase your sales. If you are getting blocked on finding a new way to phrase something then either send me an email or post it in the forum and maybe I can be of some help.

Remember it's not what you say that counts as much as how the message is being received by the listener.



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